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Cách viết câu phức- thầy anh ielts

Câu phức

Complex sentence là câu chứa 1 mệnh đề độc lập và ít nhất 1 mênh đề phụ thuộc (subordinate clause)

Ví dụ

Parks should be replaced by new buildings   because there is not enough accomodation for residents.

Parks should be replaced by new buildings   là mệnh đề độc lập

There is not enough accomodation for residents là mệnh đề phụ thuộc vì chứa subodinating conjunction (because) ở phía trước

Có 4 loại từ nối khác nhau trong câu phức

  1. Because, since, as: đưa ra nguyên nhân

Ví dụ: Parks should be replaced by new buildings   as there is not enough accomodation for residents.

  • Though, although, while, even though: đưa ra sự tương phản

Ví dụ: Many people go traveling though corona virus outbreak has been widespread

  • After, as, since, before, until, when, while: Chỉ thời gian hay chuỗi sự kiện

Ví dụ: the living area has been polluted since a factory was built nearby

  • If, unless: đưa ra điều kiện

Ví dụ: I will study abroad unless I pass the university entrance exam

Thầy Anh IELTS

thầy anh ielts

Speaking part 2:Describe a gift you have received that was important to you

Đây là bài mẫu của thầy nhé, Các bạn ghi âm vào điện thoại bài nói của mình. Đấy là cách hay để cải thiện speaking.
Describe a gift you have received that was important to you
You should say:
  • who gave it to you
  • On what occasion it was given to you
  • What it looks like and how to use it
  • and say why it is important to you
Keywords: smart phone, My father, on my birthday, slim, a present from a person I love most
I am going to tell you about a gift I received. It was a smart phone from my father on my 15th birthday. Well, having a smart phone on my own was my dream. I needed it for its benefits. So I was jealous of my friends who had smartphones. Therefore I was very happy for my birthday present. My smartphone looks nice, slim, and light. It was covered with gorilla glass, touch screen in the back, in the front respectively. As you know, using a smartphone is not difficult, especially for young people who are accustomed to modern technology. So I find it easy to use my phone as well. To use it, you only press the power button and unlock your phone by password or fingerprint. Then you can add apps to your phone by going to the app store or play store. After that, All you need to do is to tap your apps to enjoy them.
This present is very important to me because it is what I desired for a long time. More importantly, my smartphone from my father who I love most.

Cấu trúc hay dùng trong bài task 1

Cấu trúc hay dùng trong bài task 1(topic: Coronavirus)

As, while, although +Clause 1, Clause 2

While the number of Corona infected cases in Korea increased dramatically, that of Vietnam decreased gradually

Clause, Followed by + Phrase

The number of Coronavirus cases in Vietnam fell in february, followed by a quick growth in March

 Clause, before (prior to) + V-ing + number

The amount of money lost on  Coronavirus declined drastically to 100 million dollars in June, before reaching to 200 million dollars in July

 Clause + compared to + Phrase

The number of patients who recovered from Coronavirus outbreak increased to 3000 in January, compared to 5000 in March

Clause, making it + Superlative

The number of Corona Cases in China was 70000 in March, making it the highest one in the year